Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sweet Words

You’re the best! Thank you so much, Amber! We’re still talking about our experience with you! We can’t wait for next year to do it again! I feel very blessed that I came upon your site and look forward to staying in touch and using you year-round! Kelly

I'm so impressed that even with all the chaos and complaining from the boys that you got some really fantastic shots. I love the one of Andrew and his eyelashes. Thanks so much, Kristi

OMG!!! I love them!!!! Thank you so much! YAY! Thanks, Robyn Robyn
Johnny and I looked at the blog and we love the pictures. We cannot wait to see the rest! We are very pleased with your work. Thank you so much! Johnny's family goes to Port Aransas at least once a year, if not more, so hopefully in the future we will be able to meet up again to capture other chapters of our lives. Thank you again, Megan

Oh my gosh...I am amazed and so excited!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Honestly I have just sat here looking at the blog in amazement. You are awesome!!!!!!!!! I love every picture! Thank you again, Becky

You did a marvelous job! They look Fantastic. Thank you, thank you, Thank you, The Moens

I got the CD today and the pictures are wonderful!!!!! I just love them all, and there's so many....Wow! You did an awesome job of capturing our first family portrait in a place that is so dear to us. Next summer we are going to have to make a trip down to Port Aransas for a beach shoot. :) THANK YOU!!!!!! Annie

Those look great!!! I love the ones of Zeb and his belly button and feet. Soooo adorable! I can't wait to show everyone!! I love them and can't wait to see them all. Thank you so much for taking them. We'll always remember our first trip to the beach with Zeb. Jessica

You are amazing! To think such cuteness came from all that chaos! Thanks so much!!!! Whitney

Thank you so much for working with us and for giving us a sneak peek! I love that! These few look awesome, and I can't wait to see the rest!! Susan

We really love our pictures, you did a great job! We are excited to get some printed, however it is very hard to choose which ones we like best, because they are all good. Thank you for your time and for putting up with us. Rachel

Oh Amber! Those are so great, I love, love, love them! Thank you so much for getting those great shots of Andrew! I really didn't think you'd get that many good ones! We can't wait to see the rest of the pics. You're so talented. I'm totally thrilled with them! Thank you! Stacey

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They ROCK! You did an awesome job!!! Thank you so so much!!!! I love them!!! Lisa

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