Wednesday, August 27, 2014

NB TWEEN SCENE {new braunfels, texas tween photographer}

i'm so super excited about a new part of my business!!  it's called NB TWEEN SCENE, and it's geared just for tweens...and a few teens!  we focus on capturing the age of kiddos 10-15.  everyone photographs their newborns, toddlers, kindergarteners...and then fast forward to senior year.  don't miss out on a fantastic time in their lives!!!  in middle school, kids are still KIDS...developing a sense of style & individuality.  let me help make their SELFIES better!!!  these sessions are short & sweet, just 30 minutes!  2-3 outfits are encouraged, depending on how many tweens are in the shoot.  they're even better when you do them with a friend or two!

almost ALL updates & communication will be done through @nbtweenscene on instagram!!

pricing information...
solo artist (1 tween):  $130+tax
bff (2 tweens):  $160+tax
my besties (3 tweens):  $190+tax
***so, the more the merrier...and the more the cheaper for you!!!

girlies first!!  LOVED working with these darling middle schoolers!!  they were way too fun, exuded confidence, and they are all just gorgeous!!!  enjoy...

and the boys!  skater dudes, dirt-bike loving, bmx-riding, wayyyy cooler than me, boys!  they were hilarious.  laughed a lot and pained through the winter clothes in the heat!  here ya go...

i hope you'll share this with your friends who have tweens in their households!!!  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

back-to-school {new braunfels, texas child photographer}

i'm HORRIBLE at posting on the blog!  i used to pride myself that i posted often...but i've failed 2014 tremendously!  wanted to at least put up some of the sneak peeks from the recent back-to-school minis!!!  they are always popular!  i've been dying to use a school bus at the shoot, for about 2 years.  well, finally it worked!!!  thanks to miss brandy & rockin' r!!!  ecstatic!!!

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Can't wait for more families on Saturday!!!