Wednesday, September 26, 2012

hazel {new braunfels, texas child photographer}

Sweet Hazel met me at Landa Park for her special photo shoot!  She was just a doll!  I was excited to meet her and her mom because Mom's name is Amber Lee...just like me, except I'm Amber Leigh!  ;)  At the end of the shoot, her mom brought along her favorite things...Tea Party!!!  It was adorable!  She had the whole tea party set with all of her favorite Sesame Street friends!  I think she could have sat there for hours playing with it all!!!  Enjoy...

Even the ducks came to the Tea Party!!

Thanks again!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the goebel family {gruene, texas family photographer}

Such a good-looking and sweet family!!!  When I met them in Gruene, little man did not really want anything to do with me.  In fact, he screamed at me when he noticed I had a camera and was trying to get his picture.  Soooo, I went paparazzi-style with him, and was trying my very best to not even let him know I was around.  We let him play with his tractors for a while, since he was enjoying that.  He did warm up and ended up playing and having a good time!  Just such a handsome little guy!!!!  Enjoy...

Thanks again!  Wonderful meeting y'all!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

anna & her family {new braunfels, texas family photographer}

Love, love this family!  First met them at the beach several years ago, and have enjoyed seeing them ever since!  They met me in New Braunfels for this shoot, and we lucked out with the firemen just happened to be cleaning their vintage firetruck!  We sneaked a few pictures with it...too cool!!!  Then the family loaded up on their Aggie gear & made for some fun extended family pictures!  Can't wait to see them again...

Thanks again!  So fun seeing y'all, as always!