Sunday, January 30, 2011

silly brogan {personal}

Brogan is our super-silly one.  David just said tonight that he hopes Brogan will always be funny and goofy!  He makes us laugh constantly at the things that he says, but usually more by the WAY he says them!  He's VERY animated and in constant motion when telling us stories...they are usually accompanied by karate moves, a break-dance, or just moving around non-stop.  I have to share a few funny things that he's said recently:

- We were riding in the car and he told me, "One day, I'm going to move to California."  I say, "Oh really?"  Brogan replies, "Yes, I'm going to live in California with all the hot girls."  Umm, what?  I'm instantly taken to the remake of Katy Perry's 'California Girls' song that we have on our Kidz Bop CD.  I ask him, "You are going to live in California all by yourself?"  And he answers, "No, me and Dayton are going to live there together...with all the hot girls!"  What in the world?!?!  He JUST turned 4!!!

- I was busy the other morning getting Brogan and myself ready to leave the house.  I had made his lunch, just finished blow-drying and flat-ironing my hair, etc, etc.  Brogan was in my bathroom to get his hair fixed for school.  I always ask him to sit on my toilet so he won't move while I'm wetting it and brushing it.  Today, I was super out-of-breath from moving all around (and obviously from being pregnant), and I asked Brogan if I could sit on the toilet instead so I could catch my breath.  He obliged.  When we were finished, I stood up, and Brogan went to sit back down on the toilet.  I said, "We're all done, what are you doing?"  And he was kind of looking around in space and said, "I'm also just trying to catch my breath, but I don't see it."  So cute!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

valentine special & contest

I have a SPECIAL and a CONTEST going on NOW!!!

First up, the SPECIAL...

*****Super-Duper Last Minute
Valentine Photo Shoot Special*****
I mean VERY last minute!!!  I am taking a limited number of mini photo sessions for THIS Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  Each session will be 20 minutes long.  All three days we will be in Gruene! With this session, you will receive 14+ digital images on a CD AND...AND...AND a 5"x7" custom desgined Valentine card jpeg by Tiffany at 
Lexi Jayne's Designs!!!
All of this for $125 + tax!

This is how it works: You contact me either via email or by phone to set-up your 20 minute session on either THIS Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  After your shoot, everyone will receive their CDs no later than Thursday, February 3rd.  Once you've looked through your CD and chosen one or two of the pictures, you will then get in touch with Tiffany to create your card.  She will have your card ready no later than February 7th.  Once she sends you the Valentine card design in a jpeg format, you can then have it printed at ANY one-hour photo lab or choose to use Tiffany's own printing services!!!

Just think how cute your Valentine cards will be this year!!!
So, gather up your precious Valentine outifts {hint, hint...there are some ADORABLE new Valentine dresses at the Simply Adorable store location on the plaza!},
and then get in touch with me!!!!

And the CONTEST...
*****Couples' Valentine Contest*****
Simply Adorable & A. Leigh Photography's
Valentine Contest

We are looking for 1 FABULOUS COUPLE!!!  
Tell us your amazing “How We Met” story or
an amazing “Proposal” story. 
We will be selecting 1 winner that will receive a
Couples Only Mini Photo Session (to be shot in February or March) 
one awesome My Husband Rocks burn-out shirt!!!

Entries are due: Feb. 8th
Email all stories to:

We can’t wait to read your funny, romantic, and lovey-dovey stories!!!     Our tissues are ready!
Much love ~ Brandy Webb & Amber Walters

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

{And if you are just seeing this on the BLOG, but you did NOT receive a newsletter from me today, please email me at so I can add you to my list!!}

cox girls {new braunfels tx photographer}

A few weeks ago, I was contacted about taking some pictures of 2 daughters for a surprise for their mom's birthday.  I love surprise gifts like this, so I was thrilled!!!  I met the 2 LOVELY girlies with their father in Gruene, and it was a super-fun shoot!  These 2 are gorgeous girls, and they laughed the whole time.  We had to work fast to get it all finished by the birthday, and I can't wait to hear which one they chose to be enlarged!!!  Enjoy...

 And with Super Dad, who has his hands full with these 2 pretty girls!  ;)...

Thanks again for meeting me in Gruene!!!  And thanks to one of my recent families who helped set the whole thing up!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

twin outtakes {new braunfels infant photographer}

Just 2 posts ago, I introduced Sophia & Isabelle, the most adorable little twin baby girls!!  During our photo shoot, I ended up snapping these two hilarious pictures!  Enjoy...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

my website

I took a deep breath, and closed my old website.  It's the first (and only) website I've had for my photography business, so it was a little sad for me to let it go.  With my new BLOG, it is allowing me to have everything in one place...for now.  Soon, I will also have a new website to go along with it, but for now, everything will be redirected towards this BLOG!  And as said in a previous post, the BLOG is definitely a work-in-progress!!!  I still need to add the new header and change a few little things around, and I've tried my best to do it all myself.  I'm trying to simplify, just a bit!!!  I guess it could be related to the normal "nesting" phase that many pregnant women go through.  I feel like I need to get my business things all in order and stable, and then I can move onto getting the room ready for baby #4!!!  Thanks for sticking with me!!!!

And I just have to leave you with one recent pic of my boys.  This is what they do on a non-school morning...they all crash on the couch to watch movies & play with their DSi games!...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

introducing sophia & isabelle {new braunfels, tx baby pictures}

Oh, I'd been so excited to go and meet these two beautiful babies!!!  I was fortunate enough to take pictures of their big brother, Hudson, during his first year HERE & HERE, and now I got to photograph two little itty~bitties for their first shoot!!!  I said in the previous post, that this really took me back to my days of being a mommy of twin babies!  Luckily for these little girls, their Mommy and Daddy are doing an awesome job of meeting their needs, all while taking care and keeping up with big brother!  Now, Sophia and Isabelle made us work for these pictures, as one would calm down, the other one would cry...or one would fall asleep and the other would be bright-eyed!  So funny!!!  I hope you'll enjoy taking a peek at these precious babies!  I could have stayed all day!!!!!....

Just a few months ago...

And now...

Here is adorable Isabelle...

And this is lovely Sophia...

A few pics with Mommy & Daddy...

 And trying, trying, trying (with M&M's & all) to get a picture with big brother, Hudson...

Thanks again for having me over to ooooh & aaaaah over those babies!!!!  I can't wait to see them again!