Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Spring Newsletter 2016...

Easter Mini Sessions!!!
EASTER minis!!
March 4th, 5th, & 6th
{Easter is March 27th this year!!!!}
In-Studio, located in downtown New Braunfels
Simple ~ Organic ~ Fresh
15 minutes...10-15 digital images
{Must prepay through PayPal to reserve your session.}
New Studio in Downtown New Braunfels!!
Such exciting news for my little business!!!  Want to know the coolest part of it...how God worked in my life and answered a prayer? I'd been going back and forth on "to get a studio, or to not get a studio" for oh, about 8 years.  Four years ago, when I walked into a little baby store named Sweet Baby, I fell in LOVE with their space.  It was the perfect itty~bitty size for me, had the most amazing natural sunlight, and was located in downtown New Braunfels!  I've dreamed of that itty~bitty space over and over again, but it was always leased to the next person, privately, before ever going up for lease. 
Fast forward to a day in September, while driving home alone from Port Aransas.  When I got in the car that morning, I sketched an image of a "dream studio" on a McDonald's napkin.  I put the words "One day..." at the bottom of it.  I held it in my hands, and said a prayer.  I asked God to either lead me in the direction of this dream of mine or to release it from my heart and mind.  I continuously prayed this prayer over and over on the 3 hour drive home, and I clung to the napkin just praying for God's plan...not mine.
Two days later, on that Tuesday morning, I happened to be downtwon, driving to a 1st birthday shoot of the most adorable little one year old boy, who happens to live close to that itty~bitty space I so loved.  And what in the world, there was a For Lease sign in the window of it!  I laughed out loud with excitement and nervousness, quickly did a u-turn, and called the number.  A few weeks later, I signed the lease on my very first studio space, and I've been thankful for it every day since!  i use the studio primarily for newborn and baby's first year, and from time to time, I have my themed mini sessions there!
Isn't it amazing how when you release something to God and pray over His plan, how He will show up?  And I was ready to let go of the dream, if that's what He wanted...but I'm so thankful that He showed me to the studio instead!!!
Newborns & Baby's First Year!!!
These are just some of the precious babies I've had the pleasure of photographing already in 2016!!!  To say that I feel blessed, is an understatement!  It's so nice having the studio, with ALL of my bazillion props in one place, all within an arm's reach!!! 
Did you know that I not only offer custom newborn sessions, but I also offer a Baby Plan for baby's first year???  If you complete the newborn, 3 month, 6 month, & 9 month sessions with me, your 1st year cake smash session is FREE!!!!...like ZERO dollars!  And if you've already done your newborn session with someone else, but still want to take advantage of the Baby Plan, then complete the 3/6/9 sessions, and your 1st year cake smash session is half off!!! 
Please share my information with any expecting mamas or new mommies that you know!  Word of mouth works wonders for my little business!!!!
FB Notifications...
FB & I have a very love/hate relationship!  I've only been on it for about 4 years, so I feel like I may still be a newbie!  People often ask me how I even HAD clients if I wasn't on FB the first 4-5 years of having a business.  Word of mouth!!!!  Always been word of mouth...which is the most amazing compliment!!!  :)  BUT...FB is a great tool and a fun place for clients and friends to SEE my work!  So, if you'd like to actually SEE my posts from my page...without me having to PAY $10 through FB advertising, every single time I post an image...then please adjust your settings!!!  It's simple!
1) Navigate over to my page on FB. 
2) Make sure you've LIKED my page.
3) Click on the icon next to LIKE, which is FOLLOW...then select SEE FIRST!
This doesn't make you get Notifications from me, but it makes sure to put my new posts in the top of your newsfeed!  Voila!  You'll hopefully now start seeing my latest pictures and you can ooh & ahh with me over all the precious little ones I get to photograph!!!!  Thanks for doing that!!!!  :)
Since FB is now such a pain the booty about letting people see my posts...I've added Instagram to my social media!  Most uber~cool photographers are all over on Instagram (aka: IG, Insta...still learning)...and since I'm trying to live up to 1/5 of that coolness, I'm on there too!  It's super easy to set-up!!!  Then find me at @photographernb and Follow Me!  @simplyadorablenb & I just did our BIGGEST giveaway ever!  Over $500 worth of prizes!!!  Lucky miss Catie Grier was the big winner!  Anyhow, hope to see you over on Instagram, too!
Upcoming Minis...
~ Bluebonnet Minis are usually at the end of March.  Please make sure you're following me on FB or Instagram to find out when those sign-ups begin!!!
~ Two more themed minis will also be coming up this spring!  One will be for girls & the other will be perfect for boys!!!  Be on the lookout for those, too!  Can't wait to share!!
~ Mommy & Me sessions will arrive just in time for Mother's Day in May!!  Pass the hints alog to your hubby that you want the Mommy & Me session for your gift!!!...plus maybe a new outfit & some jewelry to wear at the shoot!  :)
I apologize that portions of the website are under construction.  It should be finished and ready to go within the month!  Pricing is as follows...
Regular Sessions: Up to 6 people; about an hour; 25+ high resolution digital images for you to use as you wish; $300+tax.  Add $15 for each additional person. Add $50 for weekends.

Bitty~Birthday Sessions: Capture the cuteness of your kiddo around their birthday! This is just for children, not family photographs. 20 minutes; 10-15 high resolution digital images; $150+tax.  Add $50 for weekends.
Newborns: Up to 2 hours of studio time, access to all of my props {baskets, buckets, swaddles, diaper covers, bonnets, headbands, accessories, blankets, & more}, 25+ high resolution digital images for you to use as you wish; $350+tax.  Additional $50 to include siblings. Weekdays only, please.
Maternity: If you book your newborn portraits with me, then I offer a mini~maternity session. 20 minutes; 10-15 high resolution digital images; $150+tax.  Add $50 for weekends.
I take a $100 deposit through PayPal for regular sessions to hold your appointment.  All mini sessions are prepaid in full through PayPal.

As always, feel free to email me for more information!  amberLwalters@yahoo.com

If you've made it this far in my LONGEST newsletter ever, then reply back to me with an email that simply states: I read the entire thing!!!  I'll make sure to give you $10 off your next regular session in 2016!!!  Thanks for sticking with me and supporting my business!!!!
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