Saturday, July 30, 2011

port a trips {personal}

Even with the baby this summer, we've been making our trips to Port A on the weekends.  We haven't gone as often as normal, but it's been a fun summer at the beach!

When the boat wouldn't start, we went to Plan B, and did a fishing trip on the side of 361 towards Mustang Island.  This was the first time that our whole family went fishing!!  The boys loved it! 

This is Daddy keeping all 4 entertained while I went on my morning photo shoot...

Also for the first time, the 3 bigger boys entered the Piggy Perch contest!  It was a blast!  Super HOT, but really fun!  You get a pack of bait, a cane fishing pole, a bucket, and 30 minutes to catch as many as you can off the docks.  Brogan caught 8 fish!!!  Dayton & Grady caught about 7 together.  We thought Brogan must be close to winning with 8, when we found out that the winner actually caught 14!!!  It was fun & can't wait to do it again next year!...

Fun times!

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Kristin said...

Yeah, I love your personal posts and I love seeing you all have such a fun time in Port A!