Thursday, December 8, 2011

the BIG surprise!!!! {personal}

So, it's been literally a year in the planning.  David's parents are treating our family and his sister's family (they have 4 how that worked out that we have 4 boys) to a trip to Disney World!!!  We all went about 3 years ago, and it was time to go back!  Brogan had never been, so they knew this would be the perfect age for him and Carrigan (the youngest of the 4 girl cousins) to enjoy the magical experience!  This time, it's been kept a secret, literally for almost a year!  So, last night at around 5:25 p.m., I sat all of the boys down on our couch.  They were squirming all around and giggling.  I told them that Pop Pop & Mimi had just called and said that they had a HUGE SURPRISE for them!  They told us to get a pillow, a blanket, and their favorite stuffed animal and get to their house quickly!  Well, they started jumping all around and Dayton was squealing like a little girl!  So, they instantly ran around the house getting their things (David & I had already packed everything for the trip earlier in the day, and it was all sitting at his parents house, ready to go!)  We load into the car to drive over there.  The whole way there, it was guessing what in the world this big surprise could be.  I guns, new boat, lots of toys, an I-pad, etc.  I think they collectively agreed that it was a 4-wheeler for the deer lease.  Hilarious!  So, we got there and went in, and I'll just let the pictures explain the rest!!!  (David videoed the whole thing, which is much, much better than the pics because of all the screaming and hollering!!!  ;)) (these are unedited!!!)...

a little foreshadowing to start the morning off...

Even Granger is excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I get to fly there with him today, instead of drive the 18-hour trip with everyone else!!!  Yippee!!!

They loaded up in the car, and they set-off for Orlando!!  I talked with David and he said, they stayed up through Houston, and have all been asleep!  

I can't wait to see them all again later today in Florida!!!  More pics to come soon!!!

Thanks Mimi & Pop Pop for the wonderful start to a sure-to-be awesome trip!!!!

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Kristin said...

Hope y'all have an AWESOME trip!!!