Monday, October 22, 2012

the heises {spring branch, tx family photographer}

Well, this was not one of my "normal" shoots.  It was supposed to be a beautiful outdoor, extended family photo session, at an amazing ranch.  First, the ranch wasn't so amazing, so the family just went back home.  Plan was to take pictures around their house with their gorgeous views and plush greenery.  Then, it started to absolutely down-pour the minute I arrived at their house, so we were either indoors or under the cover on their back porch.  Lastly, I just thanked my lucky stars that this family was laughing the whole time, and making the best of our very "different" photo session!  What a blessing to work with people that could find the good in this, and keep smiles on their faces!  Enjoy...

Thanks again for having the absolute BEST attitudes!  ;)

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