Wednesday, April 3, 2013

READY: Wee Care Ordering! {New Braunfels, TX preschool photographer}

{for the love of peanuts!!!...NO MORE PASSWORD!!!  ha!  i went round & round with SmugMug about the password issues, while they kept assuring me that everything was fine...when i knew so many of you were having trouble getting through.  soooo, after talking with Lesli Pearson, the passwords has been removed!  all pictures will be up until next Wednesday at midnight!  :)  thank you all for your sweet words & patience!!!}

Thank you all for sharing your kiddos with me at Wee Care!  We had two fun-filled days (one chilly and windy day) of photo sessions, and it was a pleasure getting to meet your children!  We're trying something new this year and purchasing the preschool photos through an on-line gallery.  We're hoping this will make it easier for you to order!

Once you find your child on the gallery, click on their picture.  A shopping cart icon will be above each picture.  Click on the shopping cart to view a few options for purchase, labeled by three tabs at top:  Prints, Merchandise, & Downloads.  Several of you asked for a high resolution download last year, so I'm happy to offer that to you this year!  Once you have finished making your selections, choose "Checkout" and follow along.  A few of the sizes require the photo to be slightly "cropped."  In the checkout, you may adjust the cropping if you would like.

Click here to view the Wee Care online gallery:

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have!  Email is the best way to reach me.

Again, it was wonderful working with all of your precious children and such a great school!!!


Amber Leigh Walters
A. Leigh Photography

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