Tuesday, October 26, 2010

flag football {personal}

Dayton & Grady started playing Flag Football this year, and they are loving it! Here in New Braunfels, you have to be in first grade, so they've been excited about it for a while! Especially Grady!! He's been asking to play football since he was almost 4. He said he just wanted to tackle, so we really had to explain that although football was starting for him...the tackling would still have to wait! Oh, and with this league, the varsity football players from the high school are the coaches! I think it's so neat, and the boys do, too!

They both have done great, but I think with Grady's passion for this sport already, he had done really well! (Don't get me wrong, Dayton has also done well, but he just doesn't love it as much, or have the "oomph" for it. Dayton said he still loves hunting and baseball the best.) But Grady has scored 2 touchdowns so far, and last week, he threw the pass for the touchdown that tied up the game! It's all so cute!

They've also both made a lot of friends on the team, which is great! Anyhow, here are some pics from one of their games. They are the Titans!...

They also love running off the field after the game and looking to see which Mommy brought snacks and Gatorade!

Anyhow, I'm so proud of them, and even more so, I'm just glad that they are having fun!

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Michelle B said...

LOVE IT!!! They are precious. Can't wait to play next year. Colton's favorite part of every sporting event is snacks and gatorade at the end, too. ;)