Monday, October 10, 2011

comal county boys {personal}

If you know me, you know that I L~O~V~E the Comal County Fair & Parade!!!  Seriously, why wouldn't you?!!!  School closes, businesses are closed, and the town is filled with FUN for a week!!!  We hit the carnival & fairgrounds with some friends.  The boys had a blast riding all the rides and playing lots of games. (thanks Grandma, Mimi, & Pop Pop!!!)  Then Friday, Daddy got to the parade super-early to save our spots on the street!  It was very hot, but we still had a great time watching all the floats go by and getting to see so many friends!!!  Enjoy...

(notice Brogan going down the stairs inside of down the slide!...turkey!!!!)

dayton (#12)was so sweet to ride this HUGE ride with ms. heidi...or the other way around!  he was scared!!!  i wish that i'd gotten a picture of his face at the bottom, but i just wanted to watch & not miss it!  he said he almost peed himself!

i LOVE this picture of brogan & davis!!

dayton kept trying to make a basket to win a jersey.  he came really close a few times, but couldn't do it.  this SUPER-NICE army soldier made a basket and told dayton to go ahead and pick one out!  so, i helped him pick out the tom brady jersey!  ;)))))))

poor brogan wasn't tall enough for the bumper cars this year.  ;(

sweetest baby at the carnival!!!

sweatiest baby at the carnival!  ;))))  dean's daddy made him have silly hair!  he was also soooo good & chilled out in his stroller all night!

the boys are in #10.

max didn't want to go down alone, so sweet dayton ran up to the top of the slides, so he could ride down with him.

 love that we remembered to take a family picture!  doesn't happen very often!

day at the parade!!!  along with every other local in NB (well, almost every other local!)...

someone was making himself center-of-attention...shocking, right?!!!

yeah!!!  our neighbors found us at the parade!!  brogan loved hanging out with tucker!

Too much fun!!!  Can't wait until next year!

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Kristin said...

It looks like y'all had so much fun! Love all the bright colors and happy faces.