Thursday, February 14, 2013

continued prayers {new braunfels, tx newborn photographer}

What an outpouring of response and praise over a simple picture I posted on my FB page a couple of days ago.  It's been my most viewed picture ever...the most shared picture ever...and the most liked picture ever.  And what a blessing all of that is for Jasmin and her family!!!  While reflecting on it, I've come to change my mind and decide the picture is not actually "simple" at all.  It's empowering.  It's the true testament that God is good.  God is in control.  God is love. 

Each time someone views the photo, they stop, ponder over how courageous this mom must be and then I have to believe that they pray for her...and continue to pray for her.  I've had tons of email messages, FB messages, text messages, and phone calls telling me that they've now added Jasmin to their prayer list.  And then their friends have added her, and then their friends, and their friends of friends, and their churches, etc.!  God is hearing these hundreds, maybe thousands of prayers going out for this young mom!!!!

Back in October, when Jasmin called to tell me of her news, she asked me to pray for her.  I haven't stopped.  Two days later, we were at the beach, taking her family pictures in the sand.  {That album can be viewed by clicking HERE.}  I prayed over her then and her unborn baby girl.  I felt like our whole town was behind her.  Now, three months later, what a blessing little Haddie Joy is!!!  A tiny miracle, born perfectly to a mom fighting breast cancer.  Jasmin's husband, Jeff, has a BLOG to keep friends, family, and the prayer warriors updated.  You can view her story and the updates HERE...grab your tissues!  There is a slideshow from the day Haddie Joy was born, and it's victorious!!!

Next week, Jasmin will resume her chemo treatments...I believe she has 12 to go.  Pray that she keeps up this fight, and pray that she handles the medicine well without the horrible side effects.  Luckily, she comes from a strong family with 11 siblings, and they are an amazing support system for her here in New Braunfels.  They help with little Haddie Joy, and they help with Jasmin's other 2 kiddos, Jack & Annie.  So, please...stop...pray for her and pray for her family.  Pray that the cancer is completely destroyed.  And all along, Jasmin & Jeff have asked that you pray for JOY.  What a remarkable prayer.

We thank you for lifting her up!!!!!

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