Wednesday, March 27, 2013

david gets a job!!! {personal}

I want to share with y'all a crazy Divine Intervention story that really led David to this job...

Not too long after we moved here, I visited a garage sale, while killing time between photo shoots.  I found an awesome old Army surplus-styled metal desk at this cool house on Academy.  For only $30, I had to have it.  I'd been looking for a new desk to put my computer on for editing work.  The man that owned the home, said he was sad to see this go.  He told me that he had bought it years ago at a going out of business sale downtown.  It was the Seidel Photography, going out of business sale.  The man told me that for many many years, Seidel Photography was the only photographer in NB.  I smirked, and told him that I was so glad he'd told me that because I was going to use it for my photography work.  Too cool!  About 2 months later, I met a new family at their photo session, and their name happened to be the Seidels.  I briefly told the wife the story about the desk and asked her if there was any relation, and she said, "Yes, that's my husband's grandfather, and he's actually here with us because we want to take a 4 generation picture!"  So cool!  So, I got to meet him & tell him that I was using his desk!  Kinda made me nervous, too!  Throughout the photo shoot, this mom and I figured out that she and I went to high school together!  She was a freshman while I was a senior...I know I know, small world!  We've done several photo shoots since, I see her around town from time to time, and we're friends on FB. 

So, last week, on the way home from a photo shoot in Gruene, there is a train crossing my usual path home.  So, I decide not to turn right & wait for the train, but go straight, which takes me through Landa Park to get home.  Going up the hill from the park, I see David on his way home, pushing Granger in a stroller.  I stop, roll down the window, say hi, and snap a quick picture with my cell phone.  When I got home, I posted that picture on FB with a little caption, "Finding the joys & blessings in every situation. David is still on the job-search, but he's enjoying all this special time with granger!"  It's been a very cool 2 weeks, watching David and Granger's relationship grow...although Granger prefers David vs. me now...but that's another issue!  So, I went on with my day.  Several hours later, I get a text saying, "Hey there.  It's Jen Seidel.  I have a question for you.  By any chance does your husband have any construction experience?"  I think it only took me 2 seconds to reply, that yes he did work as a project manager in Houston for almost 8 years, blah blah.  To sum up the story, she just happened to see my FB post...didn't know that David even worked at the Scooter Store & had been let go...knew that her husband & his partner had thrown around the idea of adding a 3rd guy to help them grow their business...thought to herself that it was a total long shot bc David probably didn't even have any construction background, but decided to text me anyway...she tells her hubby, Dustin...he calls David that night...David meets with him & his partner the next day...they offer him a job...David takes the job offer the next day...voila!  Divine Intervention.  David gets to start his new job on April 1st!  {Hope it's not a joke, seeing as it's April Fool's Day and all!}  We're really excited he's getting to work for a great New Braunfels family-owned construction company!!   

I mentioned to David that Social Media and me posting pics on FB had gotten him a job!  But I realize that it wasn't Social Media at all.  It's all God.  He "knew the plans he had for us", and that's a prayer I prayed over and over the past few weeks.  Goose bumps!  So excited for his new adventure!!!  Thanks so much for everyone's sweet emails, phone calls, and prayers.  We are truly blessed with such wonderful friends and family!

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