Thursday, December 24, 2009

our card (personal)

Hey! It's Christmas Eve!!! I'm so excited! I didn't intend on being up this late, but I had a few presents to wrap! ;) I wanted to post our Christmas cards on here because I'm so happy with how they turned out this year! I loved the layout, and even more, I loved how they were printed on very thick paper. I think my favorite part about them was that they had rounded corners! Silly, but such a tiny little luxury item for Christmas cards, right?!! Here it is...



I've had a couple of friends that received one ask if I could make them one next year...but I didn't make it! I'm a photographer, so I probably should be better at Photoshop, but I just have never gotten into the "creating" side of it. Soooo, I pay someone else to make them, and it's well worth the money for me!! And it's cheaper than some of the cards on Shutterly & those kinds of places. I worked with Breanna Clawson from Desing Ink on this design. Click HERE after the new year (she's on vacation) to see more of her work on esty!

Anyhow, hope to have more fun pictures of the family to post later on today after I get some much needed sleep!!!

Merry Christmas Eve!!! Enjoy this special day!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!! Merry Christmas!