Saturday, December 5, 2009

proud big sister (personal)

Can I please just brag on my little brother for one second?!! ;) Let's see...for those of you that don't know him, he's about 2 years younger than me, lives in Chicago, he's super sweet, and very smart. Hmmm, very scoring perfect on the math section of the SAT...seriously?!! Anyhow, we grew up like normal brother & sister...I couldn't stand him most days, and he thought I was an annoying big sister. Well, fortunately, we're older now and the bestest of friends!

I just had to do a post on him because I am just so proud! He's currently in Zambia, doing work with the Emory Research Center. He works for a non-profit health group in Chicago, and is working on this special project. I don't know many of the details, but I know it's Child Health Week there. He's meeting young kiddos on the streets and encouraging them to go down to the center.

Here are a couple of pics that he sent...

Oh! It makes me wish I was there with him, helping out! I'm sure he's touching the lives of so many people over there! And I know Zambia isn't anywhere close to Kenya, but I've asked my brother to swing by there if he gets the chance and give our little Boniface a hug!...He's the little guy we sponsor with Compassion International. Wishful thinking, I guess! ;)

Well, best wishes on a safe week and a safe trip home, little brother!!!! I am so proud of you!!!

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