Tuesday, January 5, 2010

had to share (personal)

These 2 pictures are from Brogan's last day of school before the Christmas break. He had a pajama party that day, hence why he's dressed up in his best Buzz Light Year jammies! So, as I was getting ready in my bathroom that morning, Brogan decided to unwrap one of his teacher's gifts that was so nicely wrapped on the counter. And the fact that he ran to tell me all about it was even funnier! I should have been upset with him, but I have to say that he was REALLY proud...and looked so cute! So, without enough time to go dig out the wrapping paper & supplies, I just used a little tape and stuck it all back together! Ms. Heather didn't mind a bit! ;)

Have a good day!


Lane Marie said...

i am sure she loved it. that's why kids are so fun, you know that!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! (I had a few gifts that ended up looking like that, too!)

Angie R. said...

Haha! Gotta love those last minute "you did what"s?