Tuesday, January 12, 2010

some apples do fall far from the tree... (personal)

Okay, so a little history about me...I grew up pretty average...I made good grades...I was in Honors classes, until I asked my mom to take me out so I could be in classes with some of my other friends...I went to SWT and did well in school...in high school, I liked lunch period better than any other time of the day because I could chat with my friends...hmmm...you get the picture, right?

Well, my sister (who is MUCH older...hee, hee) started her childhood as "the only girl in kindergarten that was reading"...she was in the Gifted & Talented program all through school...she skipped the 5th grade, so she could get a head-start on Junior High...she went to UT and graduated with super-awesome grades...is the head of her science department at the high school where she teaches...etc.

My younger brother (who has always acted older, but is indeed about 21 months younger than me) was probably even smarter than my sister...he had more scholarships to Southwestern University than I can even remember...he scored a perfect score on the Math section of the SAT...his PSAT score in Junior High was higher than my SAT score...he flew all over the country in high school competing in National Debate Competitions...he gave the speech at his High School graduation...he's currently getting his doctorate in Chicago...etc., etc., etc.

You get the point...I'm the typical middle child who was the "social" kid all growing up, and I had VERY SMART, science-y type of siblings who liked to learn more than socialize...which brings me to this...how did I end up with a child like this?!!!...

Excuse me while I wipe the tears out of my eyes because I'm laughing so hard it's making me cry!!!! That's my little Grady, although it looks more like the guy that was stuffed in the trunk on the movie Sixteen Candles, right? So, not only does this picture make me laugh bc it's so darn funny, but it also melts my heart because of how happy he was at that very moment! He's loving life with his new D.S. that Santa brought him, and he's wearing his new Spy Goggles that Mimi chose for him. I saw him sitting on the couch like this, and all I could think of was, "WOW! The apple does sometimes fall very far from the tree!" Grady is such a different little guy than David or I ever were as children, so we really try to feed on his interests. David is even learning how to play Chess with him! Tonight after we read books, he told me that all he wanted to be when he grew up was a Scientist! I think it's very cool, although I hope he doesn't come to me for help on that subject one day! Yikes! But, I'm thankful though, that I have my sister & brother to guide me along raising him because I'm sure they'll know what to do! ;)

And Grady's twin, Dayton, is usually the one jumping on the trampoline, talking about girls, playing baseball, and riding tractors...much like David growing up. But I caught a little glimpse into his science-side this weekend, too. He came running into the house to tell me about his experiement and that he needed to label it so that if anyone were to come over, they would know what was going on...

It says, "We are making ice." He had a big chunk of ice that had frozen in the backyard, and he put it in that bucket. The cups were filled with water and other stuff to see if it would freeze, too, that night. So funny and creative! Maybe Dayton & Grady will be Scientists together! ;)

I'm beginning to think maybe my sister, the High School science teacher, is secretly calling my kids and giving them ideas or something! ;) Only kidding!

All in all, I'm glad that we've ended up with two little smarties who truly are at a stage where they LOVE to learn! I'm such a dorky mom that I'm just so proud of them already!!! It's such a fun time with all of the new things that they are coming home with and new interests that they share!!! And I know that in a split second, it could all change, and Grady could come to me and only want to be a wrestler...or Iron Man! So, I'm going to enjoy my little science guy as much as I can while it's lasting! And no matter what they want to be when they grow up, I just want them to be happy and love doing it...don't we all?!!

Now, will our third child also end up a science-loving little boy???...

Only time will tell! ;)

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AllAboutElliott said...

So sweet! I love each of their personalities :) I too am the middle child!