Tuesday, December 21, 2010

canvas sale!!! {new braunfels tx photographer}

One of the places I like to get canvases is winkflash.com. Now, I don't think they have the BEST quality in all of America, but it's definitely good enough for my walls!!...and many other families that I take pictures for. Right now, they are running their normal 40% off all canvases AND they are doing 60% of the size 16"x20" canvases!!! I've never seen that before!!!! So, it's now or never people!!! Get on there and order at least one!!! You won't regret it!!!!!!


HeidiMcGBlaue said...

hmmm 2 more 16x20 might be in my future... now to choose the photos!

lisa K said...

I ordered two!!!

A. Leigh Photography said...

lisa~ i can't wait to see which 2 you picked!!!!