Saturday, December 18, 2010

seriously??? {personal}

So, I spend all of Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec taking other family's pictures for their Christmas cards, and I love it!!! My own personal goal is usually to get my family's cards out by Dec. 1st. Well, this year, I didn't even take my kids pictures until...not even going to give out that date! ;0

This year I had the ever so talented Tiffany Walker of Lexi Jayne's make my cards. Tiffany is amazing, and they turned out so cute!!! (Okay, clearly I'm very biased because it's my kids that are on that card!) I get mine printed myself using a company that also makes my advertisement products. So, I paid all this extra money to have them delivered by yesterday (Friday)...and nothing!!! What?!? So, I called early this morning to find out that my cards are stuck in an ICE STORM!!! SERIOUSLY?!?! I'll get them next Tuesday, at the earliest! I just want to cry! Not only was I thinking that I was going to be a little later than usual this year...turns out I'll be the LAST PERSON ON EARTH to mail my Christmas cards! Argh!!! Until then...

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