Sunday, February 20, 2011

canvas sale online....start ordering today!!!!!!!

Another canvas sale at!!!  I know they have plenty of sales, but this one says it is 60% off the 12"x18" and the 16"x20" sizes!!!  Winkflash sales usually only take 40% off for canvases, so this is GREAT (super-cheap pricing)!!!!  What's really cool about the 12"x18" size is that it doesn't crop your picture like an 11"x14"!  You'll still lose a bit of the picture on the sides, due to the wrapping around the edges for the canvas, but no other cropping is involved!!  I love this size, and I'm actually ordering a couple for my playroom! 

I shared this picture with y'all about a year ago.  It's a sweet girl that I've taken pictures for several times, and she has started a canvas wall with all of her favorite pictures from our shoots together...and the Winkflash sales!!!  I LOVE that the sizes are all mixed and the coloring is mixed (she has printed in color, black/white, and sepia.)  I know the collection has grown since I took this, and once we get some pics of her 4th baby, I'm sure this wall will just keep expanding!!!...

Be inspired, and go order some canvases!!!!

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