Thursday, February 10, 2011

so long big tree {personal}

If you live here in New Braunfels, you probably think this happened yesterday, as winds were 40+ miles per hour!  Crazy!  But it actually happened in January, on another windy day.  (Yes, just now getting around to posting about it!)  The tree, which is by far the largest of our entire backyard, was already leaning.  With all the wind and possibly some previous trunk damage, most of the tree fell.  Dayton, one of my twins was actually the first to notice it.  When Daddy got home, all the boys had to go out and investigate it. 

The tree fell into our sweet neighbor, Dorris', backyard.  Luckily no damage was done, just a huge mess!!!  David, his dad, and the 3 little boys spent the following weekend cleaning up the big tree...

It really was sad!  All of the boys were more upset about it, than I ever really thought someone would be about a tree in the backyard!  One of them even came inside, bawling-crying, and I thought he must have fallen or gotten a big splinter or something!  When I asked him what was wrong, he said, "I just wanted to grow up climbing that tree.  And now I can't!"  Oh goodness!  It probably took a few days, and now no one is any longer upset about the big fallen tree!  Phew! 

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Kristin said...

Oh, I'm so sad too! That tree was so big and pretty :o( Darn those winds. I adore the growing up climbing in that tree comment; how precious is that!