Saturday, February 12, 2011

couple contest winner!!! {new braunfels tx photographer}

We're a couple of days late, but we have a WINNER!!!  Thanks to everyone that entered in our Valentine's Day contest!  The winner will receive 1) One "My Husband Rocks" custom shirt from Simply Adorable & 2) A 30 minute mini-session for the Couple only!  .......And the winner is............

**********Catie Bird!!!**********

How I Met My Husband

It was sometime in April of 2004 when my sorority sister called me up and asked me if I could help out with a promotion that her boyfriend’s company was working on.  He was older and worked for Harley-Davidson in San Antonio and he along with his business partner, Trevor, were looking for young, fun girls to help pass out flyers and promote their upcoming Cinco de Mayo concert in May.  Being a 19 year old college freshman who always needed money I accepted without any hesitation.  Plus, there would be free beer!
So, Friday night came around and me along with four of my sorority sisters dressed up in our cutest skirts and high heels and headed for San Antonio.  I’ll never forget the moment I saw him.  As we pulled up to the Harley dealership in my friend’s red Mustang convertible I saw two men (what looked like men to me anyway) walking towards our car.  One was PJ, my girlfriend’s boyfriend, and the other was this tall, dark extremely handsome guy I would soon find out is named Trevor.  When he introduced himself to me, he gave me a big smile and that’s when I noticed his bubbly cheeks.  They were like these big cherub balls that just lit up his face and I thought, “Wow!  This man is gorgeous!”  Not to mention he had perfect teeth which is a major plus in my book. 
After they gave us the low-down on our duties for the evening we headed over to Dukes Roadhouse to begin the promotion.  Yes, that’s a bar and you’re thinking “But I thought she said she was 19?”  And you would be right.  But Trevor and PJ didn’t know that.  They thought we were all 21.  Since they knew the doorman I didn’t have to worry about getting carded.  So in we went.  (I know what you’re thinking; I know this sounds totally irresponsible and immature.  And it was.  But hey, I was a 19 year old college girl looking to have fun all the time.  I’m 26 now and this behavior is well out of my system.  I’m sure everyone can relate in some way.  Didn’t you have a “wild period” in your youth?) 
After a few hours of “working” and drinking beer and having a great time with my sisters as we always do I looked around trying to find the gorgeous guy I had just met and he was nowhere to be found.  Then I walked out on the back porch and he was there sitting on the ledge all alone looking up into the night.  So I decided he needed some company.  I went and sat down next to him and I remember him being a little down in the dumps about something but what I didn’t know.  I don’t remember what all we talked about out there under the stars but I strongly remember the feeling I felt when we left that evening.  I had never had a deeper, heart-felt conversation with a man in all my life.  This guy had a SOUL.  I mean I was so blown away by his intelligence and his amazing humbleness for all things in life that not many people would think twice about.  I knew once that evening was over that this was the man I was going to marry.
After about three dates Trevor finally learned how old I was.  I was 19 and he was 26.  After the expression of shock left his face we ended up dating for five years when he finally popped the question. 
We were both living in New Braunfels.  I was then 23 and he was 30.  I had grown up, graduated college, had my career and totally ready for a future with Trevor.  He was still working for Harley-Davidson and was running the local Harley shop and began building his very first house in his hometown of New Braunfels, Texas.  It was Monday, January 24 when he called me on my way home from work and said that he needed me to come by the house site and do a walkthrough of the newly installed framing to make sure that everything was where we wanted it before they began putting up the walls.  I was planning on heading to the gym so I told him I’d head over there afterwards but he insisted that I meet him there now.  I began to wonder what the big deal was so I headed over to his apartment and we drove together over to the house.  I remember feeling as though Trevor was acting a little “off” from his usual talkative self but I brushed it off.   When we arrived at the house I got excited to see that the framing had indeed been put up and we could actually see the separation of all the rooms in the house.  Trevor took me by the hand and walked me through the house showing me each individual room and then ending up in the area where the kitchen would be and pointed out a huge window that would be over the sink and I remember the sun was beginning to set right through that big imaginary window.  And then I looked over at Trevor and he asked me, “Would you like your house warming present early?”  I was a little surprised he said that since this was HIS house and not mine but I went along with it.  “Sure!”  That’s when he pulled out this mini treasure chest looking box out from his coat and handed it to me.  My heart started to flutter.  “Could this be IT?” I remember thinking to myself.  I opened the box and there was a smaller black box inside.  I looked up at Trevor and he had the biggest smile on his face and took the box from me and got down on one knee.  I think my hands went over my mouth to keep from screaming at that point.  He then said:
“Catie, when you first met me I was a lost soul.  I was in a dark place where I didn’t think I could ever recover from.  You saved me from myself.  You’ve shown me that it is possible to change and be happy again.  I want to start a life with you here, in this house, with you as my wife.  Will you marry me Catie Grace?”
And the rest is history.  We have been married for over two years, still live in the same house and I often find myself standing in front of that very window watching the sunset and remembering that special day.  We now have the most precious gift from God, a beautiful daughter named Millie who is the true expression of our love and commitment to each other.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us next!

Congrats Catie!!!!  I'll contact you soon!


Kristin said...

This beautiful story gave me goosebumps. It is so very sweet, and I think you found yourself a perfect winner.

Catie Grace Bird said...

I'm so excited that we won! I never win anything!!! Thank you ladies. I can't wait for our photo session!

Jenn said...

What a beautiful story!